# Views & Html

Miru Views are standard ASP.NET MVC Views.

Miru offers some facilities based on top of HtmlTags.

# Views

Views are located into Features folders /src/{App}/Features/{Feature}/{View}.cshtml.

Shared views are located in /src/{App}/Features/Shared.

# Html

Miru comes with a lot of facilities to generate Html based on your Features.

# Conventions

You can configure conventions that will be applied when generating Html. For example, for every property named Year the input has maxlength of four:

// Convention:
Editors.IfPropertyNameIs("Year").ModifyTag(tag => tag.MaxLength(4));
<!-- View: -->
<mi for="Year" />
<!-- Generated Html: -->
<input type="text" value="" name="Year" id="Year" maxlength="4" class="form-control">

Html Conventions are located in src/{App}/Config/HtmlConfig.cs.