# Naming

Naming stuff is hard. Everyone has an opinion and sometimes is hard a team to agree.

Here you can find a Naming Guide for your Miru's project.

# Database

Subject Strategy Examples
Table PascalCase + Plural Products, Orders, Customers, OrderItems, CustomerAddresses
Column PascalCase + Singular Id, Name, Price, Status
Primary Key Id Id
Foreign Key OtherTable+Id ProductId, OtherProductId, OrderId, CustomerId

# Migration

All migrations has the timestamp prefix YYYYMMDDHHmmSS. Example: 202112161830_CreateProducts

Subject Strategy Examples
Create Table Create+Table CreateProducts, CreateOrders, CreateCustomers
Alter Table Alter+Table+Action+Column AlterProductsAddQuantity, AlterCustomerDropStatus
Drop Table Drop+Table DropProducts, DropCustomers
Add Column Alter+Table+Add+Column AlterProductsAddQuantity
Alter Column Alter+Table+Alter+Column AlterProductsAlterQuantity
Drop Column Alter+Table+Drop+Column AlterProductsDropQuantity

# Domain

Subject Strategy Examples
Entity PascalCase + Singular Product, Order, Customer
Property PascalCase + Singular Id, Name, Price, Status
CollectionProperty PascalCase + Plural Products, Orders, Customers