# Queueing

Miru has some Queueing facilities on top of Hangfire.

# Create a Job

To create a Job, a Maker from MiruCli can be used:

miru make:job Accounts Account Created

# Job

A Job is composed by the Request and the Handler. It is a class named after the job being done (e.g. OrderPlaced, UserCreated, and ImageAttached). Request and Handler stay inside as subclasses:

Not Found: D:\Projects\Miru/samples/Skeleton/src/Skeleton/Features/Orders/OrderPaid.cs

The class's file can be placed in the Feature's folder. Examples:


# Request

The Job's Request holds the input data that will be used by the Handler when the job is processed. It is a class that implements IMiruJob.

Not Found: D:\Projects\Miru/samples/Skeleton/src/Skeleton/Features/Orders/OrderPlaced.cs

# Handler

A Job's Handler will be called when the queue scheduler execute the job. It is a class that implements IRequestHandler.

Not Found: D:\Projects\Miru/samples/Skeleton/src/Skeleton/Features/Orders/OrderPlaced.cs

# Queueing Jobs

Queueing jobs are done through Jobs class:

public class Handler : IRequestHandler<Request, Order>
    private readonly Jobs _jobs;

    public Handler(Jobs jobs)
        _jobs = jobs;

    public async Task<Order> Handle(Request request, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
        var order = new Order();
        // place order logic
        _jobs.PerformLater(new OrderPlaced.Request
            OrderId = order.Id
        return order;

# Processing Queued Jobs

The queued jobs are processed by Hangfire's BackgroundJobServer. There are two ways of start the server and keep it running: together with the WebApp or standalone.

# Server with WebApp

In src/App/Startup.cs ConfigureService method, add AddHangfireServer:

Not Found: D:\Projects\Miru/samples/Mong/src/Mong/Startup.cs

# Server Standalone

Can be started invoking:

miru queue:run


Pay attention to not run the BackgroundJobServer in both ways at the same time.

# Dashboard

Dashboard can be enabled in src/App/Startup.cs middleware configuration:

Not Found: D:\Projects\Miru/samples/Mong/src/Mong/Startup.cs

It will use Userfy authorization to allow only Admin access the Dashboard. The default url route is /_queue.

Configurations can be customized using Hangfire's API.