# Logging

Miru Logging is based on Serilog

# Writing

The most convenient way to write logs is through Miru.App.Log:

var topup = new Topup(request, user, provider);
App.Log.Debug("Saving db and enqueue job");

await _db.AddSavingAsync(topup);

_jobs.PerformLater(new TopupComplete { TopupId = topup.Id });

App.Log.Information($"Successful created Topup #{topup.Id}");

# Configuring

By default, Miru enables only the App and its logs written in LogEventLevel.Information level.

The configurations can be changed in /src/App/Startup.cs:

public class Startup
    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
            .AddSerilogConfig(config =>
                // changes your Solution level to Debug
                config.MinimumLevel.Override("SolutionName", LogEventLevel.Debug);

As .AddSerilogConfig(config => ...) gives you access to Serilog's configuration API, you can configure your needs checking the Serilog's Configuration

# Reading

By default, Miru enables log to be shown in console:

Other outputs (or sinks as Serilog calls), will depend in what you have configured.